Throughout Andrea Kuhnertova’s 15+ year career, she has had a passion for evangelizing products, brands and Design. Andrea has worked across a vast mix of creative opportunities crafting meaningful cutting-edge digital experiences for brands like Disney, CW, Target, Sony, Vessel, GAP and others.
Her expertise is grounded in gaining a keen understanding of how products and services come to life together for the intended audience. She enjoys working as a team, asking the crucial questions and pushing the envelope to create applications that truly enhance the user experience.
In addition to her design work, Andrea is the owner and curator of an online boutique KABINETo which is a highly curated collection of hand-crafted lifestyle items from natural, indigenous and ethically sourced materials from Eastern Europe & India.


Branding & Logo Design
Branding is about making your identity concrete and bringing your business to life. Andrea provides you the visual vocabulary that sets you apart – from a logo to identifying products or services of your company.
UX / UI Design
Andrea’s expertise is in creating interactive digital interfaces designed with the end user in mind. Every platform or device has its own rules and challenges, but the core principles always stay the same: simple, beautiful, clean and intuitive.
Responsive Design
Andrea uses the latest responsive design techniques to deliver mobile-optimised websites that will work intuitively and smoothly on all your devices.
Creative Direction
Andrea has led and mentored multiple design teams, guiding, recognizing and nurturing people’s great ideas. She executed and drove the creative vision of many projects while maintaining their cohesive look and feel.
Digital Product Design
The content of Andrea’s product design comes down to understanding the product, the tools and the practices. This insight helps her design interfaces that are easy and intuitive, and not just beautiful.
E-commerce Design
Thoroughly thought-out logic and transitions, simple and clear microinteractions, attractive product presentation, easy payment flow and plenty of other details are factors Andrea focuses on while designing custom e-commerce products.

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